Robert Cornman


Robert Cornman

About Me


I consider myself an abstract expressionist trying to touch the observer with visual language. The art is set with rich vibrant colors and evolves with multiple layers of texture and patterns. With a wash in color, depth and a collage of mixed media is used in my abstracts to bring life to each piece. Being influenced with action painting and the spontaneous or smeared flow of color helps me focus on bold strokes. I experiment with different styles to take on a visibility and an understanding to bring comfort to the viewer.

Color constantly surrounds us but many people take them for granted. Abstract art is very much the expression of ideas concerning the spiritual, the unconscious and the mind. Think of my work as maintaining a balance between chaos and control as well as the paintings being a process rather than a product.


June. 6/1-6/2.
Countryside Arts Festival
Omaha, Nebraska

June. 6/8-6/9.
Flint Art Fair
Flint, Michigan

June 6/15-6/16.
Worthington Arts Festival
Worthington, Ohio

June. 6/21-6/23.
Easton Art Affair
Columbus, Ohio

June. 6/29-6/30.
Artfest Midwest
Des Moines, Iowa

September. 8/31-9/2.
Frankfort Fall Festival
Frankfort, Illinois

September. 9/7-9/8.
Rockbrook Village ArtShow
Omaha, Nebraska

October. 10/11-10/13.
Pink Palace Craft Fair
Memphis, Tennessee